Proofreading and Correction

Traductrice d'édition révision et relecture de textes

Proofreading and correction of a text is an inherent part of the translation process. What would a translation look like, if it was not properly reread, adjusted, refined, corrected? It would be a plain, charmless and inelegant text. A pile of ink and paper, lacking in what matters most: life. Anyone willing to be a translator has to be as effective in translation as in proofreading & correction.

With this in mind, my perfect knowledge of French and of its typographical rules are not only assets regarding translation: they enable me to notice the slightest misprint or error in a text in no time. A spelling or grammatical error? An oddly written sentence? Be assured that none of this will go unnoticed!

This is why I offer proofreading and correction services:
  • Of translations from English/German to French (especially if the translation was made by a non-native speaker).
  • Of any kind of text written in French.
lunettes et dictionnaires pour révision relecture

French is not your mother tongue, and you think your text might require significant corrections? Then I am exactly the person you need! We can discuss your project in English or German if you want.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further detail.