traductrice d'édition machine à écrire rédaction

Being able to write in an excellent French is a key skill for anyone willing to work in the field of translation in France. Therefore, my perfect knowledge of French and of its typographical rules, my rich vocabulary and my passion for writing are an imperative in this context.

Furthermore, my translation studies and internships also taught me to adapt my vocabulary and style depending on the specific target audience, to be informed on a subject before writing about it in order to master its terminology, and to work out every detail until it matches perfectly the expected result.

This is the reason why I offer my writing services:
  • In French in a broad range of areas: abstracts, synopsis, web content, advertising texts, communication materials, articles, job application letter, spontaneous application, etc. Please note that if the original material is already written in English or German, it will therefore be a translation.
  • In English or German: depending on the level of technicality of the text (most suited to French customers, of course, since neither English nor German is my mother tongue).
→ The service you are looking for is not on this list? Do not hesitate to contact me to explain your needs, I will be glad to answer your questions!
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